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EnviroDo environmental action media

recycling center campaign for homes and businesses
of 13 communities, where the recycling habit created demand
for door-to-door pickup by disposal companies.

Promoted public transit for the Chicago Transit Authority.

Created TV ads promoting The Earth Network TV show

Founded a Telecommuting Jobs Website
which resulted
in getting 1000's off the road in rush hour.

Produced community-wide Earth Day celebration

Developed RushBreak, a program to get employers to give staff
a day off rush hour
and get more than a day's work for it.

Created ads and posters for Illinois Institute of Technology
Master's in Environmental Management Program

Developed 2 super-insulated passive solar homes.

Got intrigued by the vast amount of fossil fuel energy
Solar Web Hosting could replace. And the potential
it offered web owners to attract green

With millions of environmentally-involved web users using Solar,
it could boost solar power industry expanse and impact to clean-energize
not only the web but other business enterprises to cut runaway fossil use.

In light of the limited government urgency to make real efforts
to tackle global warming now, it's imperative that the people do
as much as possible to immediately curtail the carbon.

We hope you consider Solar Web Hosting for all it can do
for the environment...so easily..so inexpensively...so right now.

Your move to Solar Hosting will also list you
on the international
GreenWebFoundation search list
for green web sites to do business with.

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